School Logo

Aims, Philosophy & Values

Dringhouses Primary School lays the foundations for children to become life-long learners and builds confidence, independence and enthusiasm. We care for, support and value every single child and encourage each one to achieve the highest possible standards through offering an enjoyable and stimulating curriculum which develops creative, enquiring, understanding citizens.


"The school promotes British values effectively. Tolerance and respect thread through all aspects of the school's curriculum." - Ofsted, June 2015


Aims of the School

To develop citizenship through:

  • Learning life skills including confidence, independence and responsibility

  • Learning to have respect for oneself, others and the environment

  • Learning to appreciate social, religious and cultural differences

  • Recognising and celebrating successes and achievements

  • Encouraging a healthy life style

To develop partnership through:

  • Working together with children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community

To educate children by:

  • Providing challenging, stimulating, worthwhile and enjoyable experiences

  • Developing enquiring and creative minds

  • Encouraging hard work, commitment and self-discipline to maximise potential

Our Philosophy

Education at Dringhouses Primary School is based on an overarching structure with a strong emphasis on the development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC). Tolerance, inclusion and respect are threaded throughout daily life in school – made explicit through a focus on the Dringhouses Values. These link through to the British Values as noted below.  The philosophies behind ‘growth mindset’ also underpin this structure. We believe that high performance is primarily down to self-belief, hard work and good teaching. All classrooms reflect this. There is no ‘setting’ for any aspect of the curriculum with the children engaging in many lessons/activities in mixed ability pairs/groups and supporting each other with peer feedback. As a result children develop skills of co-operation, team-work and resilience from an early age. Our aims, values and curriculum combined with high expectations and ambition for all ensure that all children can enjoy and succeed. For further detail around the values, click on the document below.