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Key Stage 2

Throughout their time in KS2, children flourish into resilient, engaged and motivated learners through a rich, creative and broad curriculum. Our KS2 curriculum gives children a wealth of opportunities and experiences to fully engage in cross-curricular teaching and learning in a safe and stimulating environment. Children feel valued and hold high expectations of themselves and others and are not afraid to make mistakes in their journey to success. Our ‘Keep Up Not Catch Up’ philosophy and use of mixed ability teaching means that the Dringhouses Team do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure that every children can succeed and that no child falls behind. Below you will see a flavour of the learning that takes place in KS2, but it you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Miss Swiers, Assistant Headteacher and KS2 leader, via the school office.


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Learning Projects


Throughout KS2, our Learning Projects operate on a four year rolling programme. Within this, LKS2 and UKS2 use the National Curriculum requirements as well as our skills progression grids for each foundation subject to plan for inspiring, demanding and progressive learning.


Our current Learning Project is ‘The Swinging 60’s’ in which children will learn about the significant events that have shaped Britain today as well the rich music, fashion and culture that is associated with this iconic period of modern history. To enrich our project, children will take part in 1960’s workshops by the York Castle Museum and our exit activity will be a 1960’s Disco for KS2 children and families to celebrate the learning that has taken place and enjoy some 1960’s inspired activities, as planned for by the children. As part of our learning in English, we use high-quality texts. In the first half term of the Spring Term these are our core texts- both classic texts, written in the 1960’s (Iron Man and Stig of the Dump).


Below, please see the curriculum planning overviews for both LKS2 and UKS2 for the Spring Term.

Autumn Term- 'The Mighty Maya'


In the Autumn term, KS2 delved deep into the ancient civilization of the Maya to learn about their daily lives, religion, trade, art and the impact that the Maya had on the world today. We studied the plants which grow in South America and how this dictated the Maya’s diet. We investigated the impact of earthquakes and volcanoes on Mesoamerica over the years; we even created our own volcanoes and exploded them on the playground! 


As part of our cross curricular approach, both UKS2 and LKS2 used Maya related books as part of their learning in English. LKS2 investigated Kukulkán's creation of chocolate in 'The Chocolate Tree' and UKS2  followed Max and Lola's journey through the rainforest in 'The Jaguar Stones'. 

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KS2 Statutory Assessment

At the end of KS2, children take part in end of key stage statutory assessments. At Dringhouses, we like to keep you informed; please see below the presentation delivered to parents/carers for any further information you may require.

Year 6 Statutory Assessment Presentation