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COVID 19 School Response

Wider Reopening of Schools - Risk Assessment

This risk assessment was written in response to the COVID 19 pandemic and the governments announcement for the reopening of schools from January 2021 for some pupils.

As explained in the risk assessment each child and staff members will be allocated to a 'bubble'.  They will stay in the same classroom/bubble and use the same allocated toilet facilities and the same zoned area of the school playground whilst in school. 

Each bubble is timetabled to ensure that bubbles do not cross or meet in school when accessing shared facilities.

Visiting Dringhouses Primary School


As we return to School for the start of the new term, please note that visitors to our school are permitted strictly by appointment only, and only when a visit is essential. Staff are available for phone and - following prior arrangement and agreement - video-conferencing calls.


If you are visiting our school with an appointment, please make sure that:

  • You sign in on arrival, and out on departure
  • You wash and/or sanitise your hands when you arrive and as necessary during your visit
  • You carry a mask or face covering and wear it as required
  • You maintain a safe distance (at least 1 metre, and ideally two meters) from other people at all times


Thank you for your support, and for following these guidelines.