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Rationale for the French curriculum at Dringhouses                     

At Dringhouses the children learn French throughout Key Stage 2. The MFL principals of learning a new language, listening, speaking, reading and writing, are planned and built into lessons, incorporating structured progression across year groups. These foundations prepare children with recognised, transferrable skills for further language learning at secondary school. Our children are encouraged to participate and enjoy lessons thus gradually gaining confidence and improving their knowledge of French.


Aims of French at Dringhouses

We aim to :

  • Provide fun, engaging activities to practise speaking, listening, reading and writing
  •  Encourage enthusiastic participation - a ‘have a go’ philosophy - during lessons building confidence and gaining knowledge as they progress across year groups.
  • Foster curiosity and be excited by the opportunity to learn a new language.
  • Ensure support via class, group, partner and individual work.
  • Develop knowledge of vocabulary and basic grammar
  • Provide repetition to embed learning, and revisit topics - many are ‘on-going’ - helping children to gain confidence in their ability to learn, remember and use familiar words e.g. colours, numbers, family members, days, dates, the weather etc.
  • Provide a good model for correct pronunciation  which they strive to achieve!


Teaching and Learning

All lessons follow a similar pattern beginning with introductions, conversation skills, questions, responses, reading and writing appropriate to their level. Activities include songs, games, poems, stories and role-play, designed to promote the enjoyment of learning a language. Knowledge of grammar is integral to language learning, it is taught discretely.  The children listen to authentic French programmes and websites including short clips of ‘Peppa Cochon’, which is a favourite! By Years 5 and 6, pupils are learning to read, understand and translate short pieces of text; with support, they are able to write sentences and short descriptions about the topics we cover.


Learning a language helps to develop an awareness about the wider world, we believe that MFL teaching during primary school provides the foundation, thus preparing and equipping our children for future language studies.


The MFL subject leader is Mrs Rose Donaghy. If you have any further questions, please see the documents below or get in contact with our subject leader via the school office.

Here are some pictures from Y5's 'French Cafe'