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Key Stage 1

In KS1 we continue to build on our love of learning through a rich, creative and broad curriculum. Our KS1 curriculum gives children a wealth of opportunities and experiences to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through engaging and exciting learning projects. The foundations for learning are embedded and children develop a sense of pride, determination and resilience within the supportive school community. Below you will see a flavour of the learning that takes place in KS1, but it you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Mrs Scott-South, Deputy Head and EY/KS1 leader, via the school office.

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Learning Projects


Throughout Early Years and KS1, our learning projects operate on a three year rolling programme. This is to ensure that we provide a rich and broad curriculum that meets all Early Learning Goals and national curriculum knowledge requirements as well as our skills progression grids for subject to ensure inspiring, challenging and progressive learning opportunities for all children. 


Spring (2) 2020 - "Down on the farm"


This half term we will be learning all about life on a farm. We will be learning about different types of animals that live on the farm and about some of the crops which are grown there. We will be finding out about how different fruits and vegetables are grown, as well as observing how our own plants grow in science. As part of our English, Geography and DT work we will be learning about all ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind’, comparing life on a UK farm to farming life in Malawi, as well as making our own windmills. See our knowledge organiser for more detail about what we will be focusing on this half term.

Spring (1) 2020 - "Art Attack!"


This half term we have been learning all about art. We learnt about many different artists such as Kandinsky, Pollock, Matisse and Hepworth. We found out what kind of art they are famous for and we had a go at creating our own work in their style. As part of our English work, we learnt all about ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and had a go at writing our own letters. We also explored the ‘Sophie meets…’ series too! See our knowledge organiser and learning project pdf for more detail about this half term.

Autumn (2) 2019 - "Playtime"


This half term we have been learning all about toys. We have learnt how toys have changed over the years and what materials they were and are now made out of. We have also made our very own puppets by designing, sewing and then evaluating our work. We particularly enjoyed our workshop with Catherine where we were able to explore different toys and games from the past. All of us enjoyed reading stories such as Kipper and Dogger too. See our knowledge organiser and learning project pdf for more details about what we were learning. 

Autumn (1) 2019 - "Superheroes"


In Autumn 1 we have been learning all about superheroes. We have been reading the stories "Supertato" and "Traction Man" to support us in our learning. We have made our own veggie superhero characters and written our own stories about the characters found in both books. We have used our scientific knowledge and investigative skills to determine which material would make the best superhero capes as well as knowing how best to free the veggies that had been trapped in the ice by Evil Pea!  See our knowledge organiser and learning project PDF for more detail about what we have done this half term. 

Summer (2) 2019 - "Oh I do love to be beside the seaside!"


In Summer 2 we have been learning all about the seaside. We have learned all about the seaside habitat and what animals and plants we would find there. We have also used our historical skills to look more closely at seaside holidays and how they have changed over the years. We experienced a Punch and Judy show and learned about the history of the puppets and how they are made. We have done lots of learning about "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch" and made some very delicious, healthy, wraps for Mr Grinling!  See our knowledge organiser and learning project PDF for more detail about what we have done this half term. 

Take a look at our learning project pdf to see more!

Summer (1) 2019 - "All Aboard!"


In Summer 1 we enjoyed learning all about trains and the railways. We started our learning project by learning about who George Stephenson was and why he was so important in the development of locomotives, trains and the railways. Throughout the half term we designed and made trains using a variety of materials which we then evaluated, continued to develop our map skills and visited the National Railway Museum. We also enjoyed studying  "Oliver who travelled far and wide" by Mara Bergman and writing our own versions of the story. 

Take a look at our learning project pdf to see more!

Spring (2) 2019 - "Into the Woods"


In Spring 2 we enjoyed learning all about the woodland habitat and the animals that you would find there. We started our learning project by learning about "The Lost Words" by Robert Macfarlane in which all classes in school studied two of the spells in more detail. Throughout the half term we explored our local environment, Goddards and Howsham Mill identifying the different plants, trees and minibeasts that could be found there. In Geography we created maps of the local area and Howsham Mill, identifying the different human and physical features, and in Art we have looked closely at the work of David Hockney. We have also thoroughly enjoyed studying the classic novel  "The Enchanted Wood" by Enid Blyton and have been inspired to create and write about new adventures at the top of the tree! 

Take a look at our learning project pdf to see more!

Spring (1) 2019 - "Polar Adventurers" 


In Key Stage 1 we enjoyed learning all about the Polar regions. We studied many maps and globes and learned where the Arctic Circle is and how the climate differs from ours here in England. We looked at the similarities and differences between cities and towns in England compared to those found in the Arctic Circle. We learned about the life and culture of the Inuit as well as the adventures of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.   


In Science we carried out many experiments on ice and learned how polar animals have adapted to their habitat. Through our research about polar bears we learned how they are endangered due to climate change and what we can do to help protect them and their habitat. We also had a visit from marine biologist James Field who told us all about his work in the polar regions.  

Take a look at our learning project pdf to see more!

Autumn (2) 2018 - "Fire, Fire!" 


In Key Stage 1 we enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London. We took part in a hands on workshop to explore artefacts from the 17th century, wrote diaries in the style of Samuel Pepys, became bakers like Thomas Farriner and finished our learning project off by recreating the Great Fire itself! 


In Science we studied the impact that heat has on different materials and objects such as wax candles, chocolate and jelly! We also learned more about Maud "The Night Dragon" who overcame her fears and believed in herself to create beautiful night skies, with a little help from her friend Mouse. 

Take a look at our learning project pdf to see more!

Autumn (1) 2018 "Emergency 999!" 


In Autumn 1 we learned about the emergency services and how they help to keep us safe. We were lucky to be visited by the police who told us all about the different ways in which they can look after us and the different equipment and vehicles that they use to do their job.


We also learned about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and how the work that they did transformed hospitals and nursing into what it is today. We took part in a fantastic hands on workshop in which we explored a wide range of historical artefacts as well as taking part in a bandage wrapping training session at Florence Nightingale's school for nursing. 

Take a look at our learning project pdf to see more!