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Headteacher's Message 09.10.20

Well, the first half-term is really flying by here at Dringhouses Primary. It really seems like I’ve been here for a lot longer than I actually have. The Covid-situation is an interesting one, and an ever-evolving one, although when you’re in school, it’s very much business as usual. 

As I type this, I can hear EYFS in the hall, screaming in response to the three bears interviewing Goldilocks about her behaviour; the staffroom is filled with chin-chin - a West-African dish that Y5 and 6 have cooked up having read about it in their class novel ‘The Boy In The Tower’; Y1 and 2 have been creating terrifyingly accurate maps of the local area, and performing aerobic routines while counting to 100 each day...and Year 4 have been learning to sign the lyrics to Roar by Katy Perry. The classes reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory also nearly made me cry the other day (not terribly hard to do, in fairness...a heartwarming storyline on Neighbours is usually enough to do the trick, but anyway...) when I was told that when they read that Charlie had found the final Golden Ticket, they all cheered! If that’s not being immersed in a book, I’m not sure what is. 

And as ever, the staff here - as you all know -are doing an amazing job of continuing the learning and happiness in the way that Dringhouses does. Adults in the classroom are attentive, warm, and engaging, the kitchen are on FIRE (not like that, more metaphorically speaking), and the cleaning teams are working like trojans (which, after a quick Google search: ‘To work very intensely for a long or continuous period of time, especially doing something thankless’) so let’s buck that trend and throw them a H U G E ‘thank you’ for all of their efforts. 

Obviously, the front-door to the school, which is always open (more metaphors - sometimes it’s too cold and it’s shut) is expertly coordinated by the office team who are - you’ll know - handling your queries, questions, and all other administrative efforts amazingly well. 

Dringhouses is very much a team, of which you are all a part. Thank you for your continued support, for the warm words, the smiles, and for helping us to keep the school community lively, enthusiastic, and safe. In the words of Wilbert Harrison in 1962…’Let’s Stick Together’.

Side Note on the theme of Sticking Together:

Our neighbours - another part of our team -  are being incredibly flexible and tolerant of our staggered drop-off/pick-ups, but please, please, please, can we all avoid standing on the road itself - it’s making it tricky for cars to pass by the school, and of course safety for all is key. If you could use the banks responsibly, and the pavement to wait on, while maintaining distance from each other, we’d be immensely grateful. And obviously, if a car needs access, please help them out and make the space. *Thumbs up emoji*.  

As ever - enjoy your weekend.