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Headteacher's Message 23.10.20

In the words of either Biffy Clyro or Shania Twain (different artists: different needs…) ‘Looks like we made it….’ The half-term break is here, and well-deserved by the Dringhouses community. 

In no particular order, a huge thank you to the children, parents, and staff. The success that we’ve had this half-term has been down to the kindness, willing, and flexibility of you all. It has included and involved us all working as a team for the greater good that is Dringhouses Primary School and its wider community. 

The systems and processes that Gill and the team organised and put in place during the summer break have proved effective at keeping our children safe, engaged, and learning into this new academic year, where so much of what was ‘normal’ a year ago has changed outside of school. However, in school, as I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, the ‘normality’ is reassuring, and comforting. We’re learning, we’re enjoying our time, and we’re appreciating what we have. 

I think it’s important to take opportunities such as the half-term break to recognise the things that we should be grateful for, and to make sure that the people we appreciate know that we do. 

On a personal note, I can’t thank you all enough for making my first half-term as head teacher here such a warm and friendly one. I knew that the Dringhouses community was a strong one before I arrived, and that has proved to be exactly the case. 

And a massive shout out to the staff here: they work incredibly hard to make sure that the children at Dringhouses are cared for, and get a great education - again, in challenging and pressured times. If you see one (in the wild, like Attenborough), tell them you appreciate them, it really does make a difference. 

So, thank you all - for creating and contributing to the community that we are all so invested in. Enjoy the break, make sure you have a break, and stay safe. We’ll see you in a week ready for a new half-term.

Thanks, Ben  

(the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that the order mentioned in the second paragraph is in fact alphabetical: 5 points to you.)