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Headteacher's Message 25.09.20

The first week happened: everyone turned up to school, and everyone went home! Families arrived at the gates of Dringhouses Primary to deliver and collect, parents enjoyed socially-distant conversations, and dogs broke all of the social-distancing guidance - more effort required, canines! Although, as I mentioned to a few dog owners, our collective entry for Crufts Online 2021 is looking very strong (Benson representing in the biggest friendly dog category).

As you’ll now have seen, because everyone is dropping-off and then dispersing so quickly, we’ve been able to slim the drop-off intervals. Thanks so much for making this work - it’s only because you’re all being superbly efficient that we can make the changes that hopefully make your lives a little easier in challenging times for everyone.

The school has such a positive atmosphere: the staff are enthusiastic and so happy to be welcoming back pupils to their classes, and the children are keen, lively, and attentive. As new normals go, this one is going well. Learning is alive and kicking, hand-washing is a military operation across the classes. Congas happen while hands are foaming, and germs are forcibly removed from digits while songs Covid-measures go, it’s happening happily!

And now the end of week three...

As I've made my way around the classes - sticking my head around the door to say hello, and good morning each day, it's been so nice to see so many smiling faces. This morning, children are problem-solving in maths, counting to 100 as they exercise, baking muffins out of playdough, and making hot-chocolate out of mud. And the sun is shining...or it was...then it wasn’ it’s deciding again. Dringhouses Primary School is a hive of activity (again with the bee metaphors). 

Enjoy your weekend: rest-up, and recharge. Or take small people to sports clubs, local parks, the sofa to watch endless Netflix. However you spend it, have a good one. 

Thanks, Ben