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Here are some useful links to supplement the school's own remote learning provision. These are parent-tested, linked, and recommended to use as additional material.


  • Forest - Free app that's essentially an egg timer but instead grows a tree. Eventually, you can grow a little forest - great for setting reading or writing tasks. 
  • Google Arts and Culture - Free app that's suitable for all. try creating your own blob opera !
  • Doodle Maths - It's not free but might be worth looking at 
  • Tappity Science - There's a bunch of free lessons on here for kids aged 4-10. It's a US app and very interactive and fun. The paid version is a more comprehensive experience though.
  • Teach Monster - A great phonics app that's really interactive and fun. It's free to use the PC version but £4.99 on the app store. 
  • Breatwrk - Free app with guided breathing exercises for kids and adults with categories like; calm, sleep, awake, and recharge. It uses visuals (circles) to help you learn how to breathe properly and there's a cute monkey on there: win win! It's good to do together when things start going a bit Pete Tong or just individually. 
  • Mo Willems Lunch Doodles - Not an app but rather a youtube playlist featuring illustrator Mo Willems. He was doing lots of simple little lunchtime doodles last lockdown. He has a nice calming voice like Werner Herzog, and the doodles are simple to follow.